Friday, 19 October 2018

Metastatic Cancer Cells Dormant or Soon to Turn Deadly

The researchers found that once cells from a breast cancer patient's original tumor metastasized into the patient's bone marrow with none, or solely a small quantity, of the protein NR2F1, the patients all soon died. However, patients who had a high concentration of NR2F1 within the cancer cells in their bone marrow didn't often develop this sort of metastatic cancer and lived longer. The presence of a high concentration of NR2F1 induced dormancy within the cancer cells, essentially deactivating them, so this research shows that survival in these patients is due to the dormancy of disseminated cancer.

These findings recommend that the absence of this protein in cancer cells that have spread to a patient's bone marrow can reliably signal that the patient can relapse shortly which extra treatment is required, whereas if the protein is present, the cancer cells are dormant and therefore the patient can be monitored instead of enduring unnecessary treatment. This research is especially vital as a result of the foremost common breast sort of breast cancer, once it metastasizes, nearly always goes to the bone. The research is particularly vital within the United States because bone marrow tests referred to as aspirates aren't used to monitor patients there. The study was a collaboration with physicians and scientists in Oslo, Norway, where bone marrow aspirates are used to monitor patients. The laboratory of Bjorn Naume from University Hospital of Oslo collaborated with the Aguirre-Ghiso and Sosa labs at the Icahn School of medicine at Mount Sinai and conducted the analysis of the patients' samples from their clinical trials, therefore contributing considerably to this research. Using this research, physicians might monitor their patients with bone marrow aspirates.

Tests for the protein might additionally facilitate clinicians identify patients who might benefit from recently identified drugs that were shown to focus on cancer cells and render or keep them dormant. Studies have already shown that androgen deprivation treatment, an anti-hormone therapy utilized in prostate cancer, has been coupled with increasing levels of the NR2F1 protein. Mount Sinai, through an endeavor funded by the V Foundation for Cancer research and therefore the Tisch Cancer Institute at the Icahn School of medicine, has already begun recruiting prostate cancer patients for a check of the power of 2 drugs to induce dormancy through NR2F1 up-regulation. "This analysis shows that the survival advantage in these patients is due to high levels of this protein. Tests using this protein marker might additionally improve the curative treatment of breast cancer, sparing patients from unnecessary treatments.

Improved techniques to assess the population of patients with residual sickness and their dormant or reactivating state are going to be a key to distinguishing the chance of future metastasis despite undergoing customary treatment. This opens the method for testing new treatments that prevent metastasis by causing dormancy or eradicating the dormant disseminated cancer cells that haven't nonetheless initiated metastatic growth."

Friday, 12 October 2018

Relating Vitamin D Deficiency and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer remains the foremost common cancer in women worldwide and is that the leading reason behind death from cancer in women. Reproductive risk factors like early onset of puberty, late menopause, and later age initially pregnancy, never having been pregnant, obesity, and a family history have all been shown to be related to breast cancer development. The role of calciferol concentration within the development of breast cancer, however, continues to be debated.
Vitamin D is already well-known for its advantages in building healthy bones. A new study supports the concept that it additionally might cut back cancer risk as well as breast cancer mortality, particularly in women with a lower body mass index. This study involving over 600 Brazilian women suggests that vitamin D might scale back cancer risk by inhibiting cell proliferation. Study results seem within the article "Low pre-treatment serum concentration of calciferol at breast cancer diagnosing in postmenopausal women. “Researchers concerned within the study concluded that postmenopausal women had an augmented risk of calciferol deficiency at the time of their breast cancer diagnoses, associated with higher rates of obesity than women of the same age group while not cancer. Similar studies even have previously demonstrated a relationship between calciferol and breast cancer mortality. Women within the highest mark of vitamin D concentrations, in fact, had a fiftieth lower death rate from breast cancer than those within the lower mark, suggesting that vitamin D levels ought to be restored to a standard range in all women with breast cancer.

"Although published literature is inconsistent regarding the advantages of vitamin D levels and breast cancer, this study and others counsel that higher levels of vitamin D within the body are related to lowered breast cancer risk," says Dr JoAnn Pinkerton, executive of NAMS. "Vitamin D might play a job in dominant breast cancer cells or stopping them from growing. Calciferol comes from direct sunlight exposure, nutriment D3 supplements, or foods rich in vitamin D."

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Oncology Rehabilitation for Breast cancer

The decrease in the level of estrogen during breast cancer treatments leading to a decrease in bone density, thus effecting the physical functioning of the body is one of the major reasons for Oncology rehabilitation for breast cancer. Breast Cancer rehabilitation is recommended for those who have undergone lumpectomy, mastectomy, or breast reconstructive surgeries, who are undergoing or finished radiation and or systemic chemotherapy, who are dealing with after effects of treatments, who are at the end of life and their family members want to find easier ways to help care for them etc… Cancer treatments affect each individual differently, and so rehabilitation therapists individualized treatment methods to regain one’s highest level of functioning by analysing their current functional abilities.  

Rehabilitation becomes an inevitable part of treatment when it comes to breast cancer patients who had a mastectomy. Swelling in the arm, Lymphedema, due to fluid filling in the lymph nodes, on the same side as the surgery had done cause pain and patients feel effected arm heavier making it more burdensome.  Studies suggest that structured strengthening exercises can help to improve this condition.

Rehabilitation can fix the pains and aches and helps to prevent and face problems with lymphedema, weakness, and neuropathy and thus brings them back to their normal healthy life. 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Breakthroughs in breast cancer

It’s really great to see our people toil to bring a change in the world of cancer and its treatment.  Waking up to these awesome news articles publishing the latest advancements in cancer researches, that lights the lamp of hope in many lives.  Study on giant polyploidy cancer cells, combining arsenic to cancer drugs, study on fetal stem cells to predict cancer in future.etc… Last one week have been really interesting and happening, in the breast cancer world.  It takes it to surprise that considering only PubMed, around 15 articles related to breast cancer studies were published in just two days. But don’t you think prevention is better than cure!!

A tweet has been posted last week about how to prevent breast cancer rather than leading an unhealthy life, later running for curing. According to the famous breast surgeon Dr Kristi Funk, who has treated celebrities including Sheryl Crow and Angelina Jolie, around 50 to 80 percent of chances of developing breast cancer can be reduced all by eating a healthy diet. But those lists of sources include some analysis from the early 2000s, which do not consolidate the latest research.  Ever thought about why there is a sudden increase in the number of cancer patients and cancer deaths which was not the condition 2000 years back! What was the secret behind the health of our elders who walks normally at their 80’s, and we the 21st-century technology brats, die at our 30’s due to heart attacks, cancer, bp. Etc. Yeah of course lifestyle and food have a role in it, but even healthy people become bedridden which makes it complicated and scary. Life seems meaningless and reality hits hard when we lose our loved ones than when we fall sick… And when it’s your mother…

So let’s unite to bring her to life, Let’s Fight against breast cancer. Let’s put an end to it. Come join us, share your research ideas at the 8th World Conference on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 13th and 14th of December, 2018.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Polycystic ovary syndrome...

Menstrual cramps, pre-period depression, PCOS, side effects and complications of pregnancy, pain, osteoporosis, CVD… adventures and hardships are always part of a woman’s life, but when it crosses and reach up to breast cancer, one lose their inner strength and sometimes even feel hopeless. We all die one day. Reason can be any, but cancer has scored top among the list. Nothing can be worse than living with a disease during the precious growth phase of life.

The fact that every 1 in 10 women has PCOS makes women’s health and important matter to be discussed.  The uncertainty of cause, difficult to cure, and the dreadful symptoms are the major things which make PCOS a villain. The symptoms may range from harmless acne to severe health issue like infertility, menstrual disorders, high-level musicalizing hormones, obesity, hair loss etc. Changing lifestyle and medications are the major methodology adopted to treat PCOS which is mainly classified into four based on the motive of treatment, like lowering the insulin resistance level, restoration of regular menstruation, fertility, treating acne etc. But reducing weight, or weight loss is found to be the most effective methodology that can be adapted to restore menstruation since obesity stands top in the list of symptoms. Adopting a healthy diet is very essential in a woman's life, not only to get rid of PCOS but also it affects all aspects of gender-related issues. Obesity becomes an inevitable condition to be treated when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis etc…
Even though these are well-known facts to us, why do you think the number of woman with health issues like this is increasing day by day? What makes people forced to do studies on these topics? Why does research columns gets filled with articles about women’s health? What makes our women bedridden??

Something to be discussed seriously! Right? So come let’s talk before we find the names of our loved ones in some hospital register. Join us for 8th World Conference on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 13th and 14th of December, 2018.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

When Karma Strikes Back

“Genes”, those tiny little molecules which you carry from birth to grave, those tiny little molecules which made you who you are, the only thing in this entire universe which we thought that will never leave us or never change…we brought so much improvement in technology that even genes got modernized to a level where it started to think on their own “how to bring a change”!! Lol! When karma strikes back!
Gene mutation is a basis all good and bad changes in one’s life…Its funny and same time scary too that when a chain smoker lives healthy even in his 80s, and an ambitious healthy 25 waits for death in hospital bed counting even milliseconds of life making everyone bewildered that  “does reading books cause cancer?”. And the one news “the death of a beautiful woman who knew only to spread love, died due to cancer “is enough to lose faith in GOD and end up living happily enjoying each moment of rest of the life.

 When a four-letter meaningless word like BRCA, puts a control over one’s existence, WE, the so-called advanced intellectual living beings of the Universe, are still unable to explain this strange phenomenon of gene mutation. Tumor suppressor genes (BRAC1 AND BRCA2) and the oncogenes (HER2) are the main villains of breast cancer. Even though we have chemo and radiation therapies to put a control over cancer cells, the variation of gene mutation pattern from individual to individual makes it difficult to introduce a common treatment method for the complete irradiation of cancer. And the biggest failure of breast cancer treatment is that in early-stage cancer cells seems to be silent in many cases which makes it difficult to treat and thus eventually leads to the death of the person. This is why doctors make it very clear that every woman after the age of 35 should do a check-up once in a month, and any lump or a tumor-like structure if seen should get it consulted by a doctor as soon as possible because the chance of transformation from benign to malignant are really high.

So if you think you should give awareness and spread the correct knowledge about women’s cancers, be there on December 13-4, 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE for 8th World Conference on Women’s Health and Breast cancer organizing by ME Conferences. We welcome you all to share your research ideas. Let’s unite bring back her smile :)

Friday, 27 July 2018

Like an Everest climb

Ever asked a woman, “What is the difficult or adventurous job that you have ever done or want to always wanted do?” Climbing Everest? Landing on Mars? Guarding the country border? Saving a life? All look adventurous, isn’t it! Doing something that a man does isn’t the real adventure. Like 2017 Miss World Manushi Chillar said being a mother is the most difficult task and is the profession which needs the highest salary to be paid.

What makes this profession so unique and difficult? A woman to give birth to a child goes through lots of physical and mental challenges and thus makes pregnancy and childbirth serious matters to be taken care of. Ignorance for a second may also sometimes lead to the death of two lives…  Even in this era where robot Sophia gets Saudi citizenship, the rate of birth complication, miscarriage and maternal deaths still gets piled up in the hospital registers.  Every woman has the right to get medical assistance which often gets denied even during pregnancy period in many countries and states where religion and myth rules. Around 25 % of the world population who do not believe in vaccination and medications or to be accurate let’s say people who do not believe in science, deny in taking vaccination which is the crucial and inevitable part of pregnancy.

Midwifery becomes an impending factor during all the stages of pregnancy where it deals with pregnancy childbirth and the postpartum period. No matter whom your doctor is, which multispecialty hospital you consult in, how expert you midwife is, childbirth will have some stories of loss for a mother to tell, where it becomes negligible in the joy of new life. Depression, hair loss, weight loss or weight gain, side effects of hormonal change, pain and scars never succeed to overpower the joy of a mother in anyway, and so indeed is the most difficult job in the world.

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